• The Birth of Shruthi Adelaide

    The following is my reflection of the inception and genesis of Shruthi Adelaide in the early 1990’s.

    Kuna Ingaran and I collaborated on the formation of an organization where lovers of South Indian Art, Music, Dance and Culture, could have an avenue for these to be showcased. The idea was mooted and shared with the likes of Raji Krishnamurthy, Mythili Mohan, Prema Iyer, Mallika Prasad, Bama Ganesan, Anandhi Sundar and other like-minded enthusiasts which led to  Shurthi Adelaide being born.

    We had at all times the ongoing support of our spouses and family, which has been a crucial adjunct to this concept of a family oriented cultural and social event.

    Our inaugural group met at the home of the Paramsothi family in the Eastern suburb of Adelaide.

    Shruthi was launched, with little fanfare, but with much anticipation and joy by the initial membership.

    Our Shruthi Logo, although simple in design, is most exquisite in conveying the entire matrix and repertoire of the organizational ethos it fosters.

    From humble beginnings, our organization has grown from strength to strength.

    Shruthi Adelaide has journeyed to its present status of an inspirational and cohesive family spirited organization.

    I am aware of the positive, exquisite and resplendent relationship that prevails within the Shruthi fold. This relationship appears devoid of power dynamics, but highly seeped in key values of respect, caring and sharing. Truly it is a beacon for our youth and future generations to imbibe concepts, traditions, and sentiments as a blueprint and springboard for their future use.

    I find the stewardship by the presidents and committees has been visionary in maintaining efforts towards the mission and goal statements. This stewardship has endeavoured at all times to uphold the firm commitments of Shruthi’s constitutional objectives.

    It is most heart rendering to observe the membership has expanded to include souls from India, Singapore, Ceylon (Jaffna) and Malaysia (former home of Kuna Ingaran and the writer).

    I am honoured and privileged to be given this valuable opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings for inclusion to the proposed website. Thank you, Anandhi!!!

    I offer my continued support and heartfelt congratulations to one and all at Shurthi Adelaide for their intellectual adventure and forbearance – one that ticks all the boxes!!!

    On glancing at the enthusiastic audience in attendance at the Malladi Brothers presentation, I was overwhelmed by the presence of most of the core pioneers among the numerous attendees gathered in spite of the inclement weather.

    I pray that Lord Ganesha’s continued blessings and guidance be showered on one and all at Shurthi Adelaide.

    Thank you
    Saras Paramsothi.

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