Celebration of Womanhood – ULA – 2019


Shruthi Adelaide in collaboration with Bharathaa Arts – Adelaide- staged Ula – A Literary Exploration of Womanhood in December 2019

A body of devotional Tamil literature dating back to the Pallava period (275 CE to 897 CE), Ula focuses on the veneration of a deity during a temple procession and expressed through the eyes of women.

The production explores the different stages of a woman – how she looks at Lord Shiva as a playmate, how she falls in love, and then as she matures, she comes to take him as a spiritual guide.

The same emotional journey can be found in that of a woman in love – which is what the dance production is trying to bring out. As everyone can relate to the perennial emotion of love, this production is  rooted in a traditional setting, would allow viewers to relate to them on a personal level.